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Our heart...

We aspire to be a church with a passion for seeing peoples everywhere embracing the Good News of Jesus Christ.  To that end our heart is to be a light in our community, and to help nurture, inspire, and send out a new generation of Gospel bearers and disciple makers throughout East Texas and to the ends of the earth, generously supporting them in prayer, encouragement, and finances (as well as going to the nations ourselves as the Lord leads).

We envision a body of believers learning to enjoy the presence of Christ in every moment and every context, walking moment-by-moment in the fullness and power of the Holy Spirit, and whose first thought is prayer; who live a life immersed in prayer, whether it be corporately or individually.

We want to be a community that loves one another, doing life together both within the church and beyond, participating and serving instead of just attending and spectating; a church family spurring each other on through encouragement and accountability, bearing each others’ burdens and rejoicing with each others’ blessings.

We see a church that is hungry for God’s Word and zealous about instilling that passion in others; committed to sound doctrine based upon God's inerrant Word, the Bible, and diligent in training God's people to equip others; a church where biblical instruction bears much mature fruit; where people of all ages are encouraged to be “doers of the Word, not just hearers only", knowing that we are not perfect but rather are all "works-in-progress" (and thus being a church family that is a safe place where people can be accepted, can ask tough questions and get honest answers).

We see a people who, with one voice and their whole being, unashamedly proclaim the glory of their God and Savior whenever they gather together; a body of believers who see worship as a way of life; who are driven to acknowledge the holiness of God in wonder and awe, and who rejoice in the opportunity they have to connect with Him through worship.

We long to see strong and healthy marriages and healing family relationships, families who live in integrity and pass that lifestyle on through generations; an environment where parents are empowered and equipped to raise up the next generation of godly men and women in knowledge and love of God and growing relationship with Him for a lifetime.

We see people who are excited about sharing the good news of Jesus Christ; people who are bold and always ready to give a reason for the hope that is in them. We see believers who sacrificially serve their community in the name of Jesus, and whose joy and hope in Christ is visible and contagious to all.

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